September 2, 2014

we do things like go to university to make others think we’re not a loser

but what does the mind think?

August 29, 2014

I know not what is real
Would I hit something hard
Or end up where I was
If flung toward the stars

August 25, 2014

Every minute made worthless spits in the face of those who’d never get the chance to do otherwise

August 15, 2014

hold you til my numbers break
have you til the hands they take
the sun in all its fire and might
the bright of day, the dark’s moonlight

July 29, 2014

bathe in the morning air
steam to my face
promise of your love
this is the place

July 11, 2014

your freckles and laughter
the colour of the air

July 6, 2014

want you to own me
i am nothing without you

June 21, 2014

i wanna keep you
and i want you to want me to wanna keep you

June 15, 2014

sincere art stems from absolute love
an exercise of polarity
from a mortal fear of loss to a devotion with no end
this maddening urge to prove oneself

June 13, 2014

your eyes they give this world of waste
the blue of sky, a fireplace

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