September 24, 2014

perhaps these decisions led me to you

thus i ponder no more, the prospect of going back in time to fix my ‘mistakes’

September 24, 2014

i am either mad or a genius

either way i need closure

September 23, 2014

you have the whole of your life to stay miserable, why start now?

September 20, 2014

Running out of time

September 19, 2014
"fear of inadequacy / failure breeds procrastination"

— atlantic article

September 19, 2014

perhaps happiness is comfort outside the comfort zone

September 6, 2014

a billow of smoke is what I am
a whisker away from a grain of sand
and that is why I need you so
to be the sun, the wind that blows

September 2, 2014

we do things like go to university to make others think we’re not a loser

but what does the mind think?

August 29, 2014

I know not what is real
Would I hit something hard
Or end up where I was
If flung toward the stars

August 25, 2014

Every minute made worthless spits in the face of those who’d never get the chance to do otherwise

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